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Who We Are

Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile gaming platform that uses augmented reality to get youth active. We empower educators in all sectors to turn the whole world into an engaging, fun, and safe learning environment.

Educators use our online platform, the Mission Maker, to design their own games. These games (Missions) are then published to the Agents of Discovery app and available from the App and Play stores.

Missions are free to play and, once downloaded, do not require WiFi or a data connection.

Top 40: Mary Clark

Okanagan Edge and Kelowna Chamber of Commerce partnered up to showcase high achieving professionals throughout the Okanagan community. Check out Agents of Discovery CEO Mary Clark’s interview with Okanagan Edge!

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What is Augmented Reality (AR) ?

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The Mission Maker

The Mission Maker is an online platform that empowers educators and staff of all kinds to design their own mobile games in minutes. These games (or “Missions”) are then instantly published to the Agents of Discovery app, and available for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Using Mobile Technology to Engage Children With Nature

This study suggests technology can be used to promote engagement with nature and increase children’s enjoyment when experiencing local parks and surroundings. Children in all three groups covered by the study experienced positive effects from the use of place-based education to connect children to the local environment.

See this peer-reviewed article in the academic journal Environment & Behavior by Maxine R. Crawford et al.

The Challenge Library

Our Mission Maker Challenge Library is full of pre-made educational Challenges, created by our team of educators and other users like you. The Challenge Library allows you to view thousands of curated and user-generated Challenges – all of which can be quickly added to your Mission. To learn more about the Challenge Library and collections, click here.

The Encyclopedia of Life is a free, online collaborative encyclopedia that provides global access to knowledge about the 1.9 million living species on Earth. The digital resources provided are compiled from existing databases and from contributions from institutions including Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History.

Publish Missions to the Mobile Game

Once you have published your Mission, it is then immediately available to view and play on the Agents of Discovery mobile game on the App Store or Google Play

Meet the team behind Agents of Discovery

What is a Mission?

Different “Missions” (or “games”) are published to the Agents of Discovery mobile app. These are created by Agents of Discovery partners, and are specific to their site (e.g., park, museum, or similar). Once you are physically present at a partnering location (e.g., Griffith Park in Los Angeles), you can play the Mission. Each Mission typically consists of a map of the location, a Field Agent to lead players through the Mission, and 20 location-based “Challenges” (or “questions”). Players uncover the Challenges by exploring the site.

What are Challenges?

Every Mission is made up of Challenges. Challenges are specific questions which are geographically placed with Markers in your Mission of all different types (AR Picker, Image 50/50, Sound Matcher, etc.). Challenges consist of questions (based on Challenge type), answers, Pre-Challenge and Post-Challenge information to communicate game contents to the Player.

What people are saying about Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

“It’s been an amazing experience watching my students get excited about the curriculum and become species experts.”

Cynthia Rounds, 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher

Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

“The Mission Maker is where all internal work is done. And it’s really easy and user friendly.”

Jeran Bogle, Recreation Facility Director, City of Los Angeles

Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

“Agents of Discovery is a fantastic way to connect with families and students who visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.”

Morgan Smith, Chief of Interpretation, San Francisco Maritime Museum

We empower educators to transform the whole world into an engaging, active, and safe learning environment.

Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games