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Agents of Discovery at the Future of Education Technologies Conference

We had a great time at the 38th national Future of Education Technologies Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Florida. FETC is a gathering of education professionals from around the world, meeting to discuss and collaborate on innovative technology projects. A big highlight was participating in this year’s FETC “PitchFest,” a competition showcasing the most innovative tools and resources to hit the edtech market. Our team was honored to present with such a diverse and enterprising group of companies on a global stage.

This competition took place over several rounds, with judges from various backgrounds, such as superintendents, administrators, and CIOs. With only few minutes to present and answer questions, PitchFest was fast-paced and exciting!

Mary Clark, Agents of Discovery’s founder and CEO, showcased our unique approach to gamified learning. Her presentation highlighted the increasing popularity of AR gaming and the predicted growth that gamified learning in this genre is expected to experience.

FETC was great opportunity to connect with others who share our passion for innovation in edtech!