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Agents of Discovery: What the Research Says

As anyone who has reached for their credit card after watching a late-night infomercial can attest, it’s easy to be swayed by marketing. However, as a new company, we know that people are going to look for proof behind our promises. As Agents of Discovery grows, we are building evidence that backs the efficacy of our platform.

One key study was conducted by University of British Columbia-Okanagan researchers Maxine R. Crawford, Mark Holder, and BP O’Connor. The researchers worked with a group of 747 children. The children were placed in three different park locations: a wetland, a prairie grassland, and a tropical indoor garden.

Within these three locations, they were further divided into three different groups, all accompanied by chaperones.

At each location, one group toured with the Agents of Discovery mobile app. Another toured with an environmental educator. A third group used a paper map for their tour.

At the end of the tour, the children were tested for retention of the information they’d learned, and asked to rate the experience. The researchers found the children using Agents of Discovery retained just as much information as the children in the other groups. However, these children gave their tours higher marks on the fun factor. Guess which group is more likely to return to their park?

The Crawford Holder study was peer-reviewed and conducted in an academic environment. In a less formal setting, students at our Fullerton, CA,  pilot were surveyed after creating and playing Agents of Discovery Missions. The survey found that 91 percent said they had learned something new. What made this stat even more impressive was that only 43 percent said that they usually enjoy learning something new.

At Agents of Discovery, we know that many people like to see evidence like this before making a commitment.  (We’ve all made purchases we regret, even if we don’t watch infomercials.) We’re continuing to build evidence and collect reviews. If you have something to share about our platform, or a suggestion for improvement, send it to us!