Privacy Policy

Agents of Discovery End User Privacy Policy

1. Mobile Application

The Agents of Discovery mobile game (the “Game”), brought to you by Agents of Discovery Inc. (“Agents”), is meant to connect children to learning through physical activity and exploration within their communities. Game content is created by Agents, as well as its informal education partners, such as parks, museums, art galleries, and science centers (the “Informal Education Partners”), to provide educational experiences at their sites. Game content is also created by teachers and students as part of classroom curriculum. Agents is committed to protecting children’s privacy and providing a safe, fun learning platform. This privacy policy explains what type of information is collected from children playing the Game and what the information is used for.

2. Guest Users

Children may sign in and play the Game as a “Guest User” by selecting the “Guest” option on the sign-in screen. No personal information is collected from Guest Users. The Game invites players to embark on Missions, which are location-based, educational games found at participating locations. Missions require players to explore the participating location to unlock gamified content (“Challenges”) upon scanning Quick Response (“QR”) Codes or based on their Global Positioning System (“GPS”) coordinates. The Game asks permission to access a Guest User’s GPS location data to support gameplay. However, a Guest User’s GPS data is ​only stored internally on the Guest User’s device and never collected by Agents.

3. Registered App Accounts

With parental/legal guardian permission, children may elect to sign up with a Registered App Account in the Game. This allows for children to save their Mission progress in the Game. Personal information is collected from Registered App Accounts (see a full list of what information is collected in Section 5 below). In the Registered App Account creation process, the Game asks for a username and password. As the Game is primarily directed at children, all users (regardless of age) are also asked to submit their parent/legal guardian’s email to ask permission to create a Registered App Account. The password, username, and email address are solely requested to obtain parental/legal guardian consent for the creation of the Registered App Account. If the parent or guardian does not respond to a request to obtain consent within a reasonable time, the parent or guardian’s email and the child’s username will be deleted.

Agents sends an email to the email address provided for the parent/legal guardian to outline what information Agents collects, what the information is used for, to provide notice of this Privacy Policy, and to ask for consent to the creation of the Registered App Account. The email also advises parents/legal guardians of their right to view personal information about their child collected through use of the Game, and request modifications or deletion of said personal information by emailing ​[email protected]​. Parents/legal guardians may also request that no personal information be collected from their child under 13 through use of the Game by emailing ​[email protected]​. Parental/legal guardian consent is required for the creation of a Registered App Account, and Agents will not collect this information if the parent or guardian of a child does not consent.

4. Teacher Consent

For use of the Game in classroom curriculums, the teacher of a student may provide consent to the creation of a Registered App Account on behalf of the parent or guardian (if permitted by the teacher’s school or school district). Nevertheless, the teacher may elect to obtain parent/legal guardian consent either through having the student provide his or her parent/legal guardian’s email address when creating a Registered App Account, or by having the parent/legal guardian sign a permission slip (we recommend using the Agents’ Permission Slip, available by emailing [email protected]​). Alternatively, teachers may have their students play the Game as Guest User, in which case no personal information is collected through use of the Game.

5. What information is Collected by the Game

Agents collects the following information from Registered App Accounts:
● Username
● Password
● Parent/legal guardian email address
● Birth year (at the option of the player)
● Grade level (at the option of the player)
● Gender (at the option of the player)
● Missions downloaded
● Mission progress
● Mission performance
● USBees earned
● Secret Gadgets earned
● Miles/kilometers walked playing each Mission
● Time spent playing each Mission

Please keep in mind that Agents does not share or sell any personal information to third parties, with the limited exception of Agents sharing personal information from Registered App Accounts with teachers whose students are playing the Game as part of classroom curriculum so they may monitor and evaluate the performance of their students playing the Game.

6. Why the Information is Collected

6.1. General

Agents collects personal information to support gameplay, gauge effectiveness and reach of the Game, and, in the case of classroom use, to allow the teacher to monitor and evaluate his or her students’ performance playing the Game. Agents does ​not share or sell personal information for commercial purposes.

6.2. Information Collected to Secure Parental/Legal Guardian Consent

Agents collects the username, password, and email address of a parent/legal guardian to facilitate the creation of a Registered App Account. For more information about why this information is collected, see Section 3, above.

6.3. Information Collected to Support Game Play

Agents collects a username and password from a Registered App Account to allow the player to sign in to any device to play the Game and save their progress.

Agents collects information to support game play. This information includes, at the option of the player with a Registered App Account (or his or her parent/legal guardian), grade level and birth year. This allows a player with a Registered App Account to access Challenges specifically created for his or her age or grade level at participating Missions.

Agents also collects Mission downloaded, Mission progress, Mission performance, USBees earned by solving educational challenges, and Secret Gadgets unlocked from Registered App Accounts. This allows a player with a Registered App Account to save their progress and use their USBees to unlock Secret Gadgets and hints in the Game.

Agents also collects username, password, and parent/legal guardian email address for administrative purposes, which includes prevention of duplicate accounts, password reset requests, and requests to view, modify, or delete personal information on request to [email protected].

6.4. Information Collected to Gauge Effectiveness and Reach

Agents collects information from Registered App Accounts to gauge effectiveness and determine reach of its learning platform. This information includes Missions downloaded, Mission progress, Mission performance, USBees earned by solving Challenges, age range of users, miles/kilometers walked playing the Game, time spent playing the Game, grade level range of its users, and gender distribution of its users. Agents de-identifies this information to share aggregate user statistics with the Informal Education Partners. This allows the Informal Education Partners to gauge effectiveness and reach of their Missions. Agents does ​not share or sell any personal information from Registered App Accounts to the Informal Education Partners.

6.5. Information Collected for Classroom Use

Teachers may use the Game as part of classroom curriculum. At the teacher’s choice, Agents may share personal information of students with the teacher for educational purposes. This information includes username, age, grade level, gender, Missions downloaded, Mission progress, Mission performance, USBees earned, miles/kilometers walked playing Missions, and time spent playing Missions. This allows a teacher to monitor and evaluate performance of students playing the Game. This information may be shared with the parent/legal guardian of the student on request to teacher, school, or school district, as provided by law. Agents does ​not use any personal information collected from students for any purposes other than education.

7. Changes

Please note that Agents may update and change the Terms of Service from time to time. In such a circumstance, Agents will provide prominent notice to you, and if applicable, and your school or school district. Agents pledges not to change to other policies or practices governing the use of student personal information that are inconsistent with law. Any new features that change or enhance the Software, including the release of new tools and resources, will be subject to the Terms of Service. Continued use of the Software after any such changes will constitute your consent to such changes. You can request the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time by emailing ​[email protected].

8. Questions? Concerns? Requests?

For questions, concerns, or requests (including requests to view your or your child’s personal information collected by the Game, and request modification or deletion of personal information) under this Privacy Policy, please contact ​[email protected]​.