Meet the Agents

Agent AC

Agent AC is no stranger to disguise. He is sometimes confused for a duck making it easy for him to slyly migrate from Rotary Nature Park, Cityscape Wetlands and ARC Resources Interpretive Wetlands.

Agent AH

Considering that Agent AH is only the size of a ping-pong ball, weighs little more than a quarter, and possesses an excellent ability to hover, she is equipped for stealthy espionage at Vogel Flats.

Agent AW

Agent AW collects information so calmly and cooly that he often goes undetected! The principle agent at Chilao Visitor Center, he frequents the area to gather both acorns and intel.

Agent B

Agent B, a builder by trade (primarly known for his dams and lodges), is resourceful, and well trained for his assignment at Cumberland Forest. While under cover, he creates quickly with wooden resources.

Agent BC

Agent BC is our best pest controller, an avid climber, and will swim if absolutely necessary. Sometimes confused for a lynx, she roams around both the San Juan Loop and the Land Between The Lakes seeking TOP SECRET information for headquarters.

Agent C

Agent C covers a lot of ground. A trickster by trade, he uses his wily wits to cross borders with ease and collect imperative information on his Missions: Mount St. Helens and Griffith Park.

Agent CHL

Field Agent CHL may look a little rough around the edges, but deep down he is a good guy and a great Agent. He makes the most of his assignment at El Cariso Nature Trail and soaks up the sun on his "off days".

Agent Clue Bear

Agent Clue Bear uses her amazing sense of smell (7x better than a dog's!) to sniff out the best clues. Her eyesight and hearing are pretty outstanding as well.

Agent CR

Agent CR, constantly clad in black, is a cunning bird. Known to be the most intelligent of all birds, she is a quick problem solver. Often seen alone, CR seeks out intelligence with stealthy ease and a cool confidence only found in a Field Agent.

Agent E

Agent E (Elk) is one of our largest Field Agents; in fact, he is one of the largest land mammals in North America and Eastern Asia! Sometimes mistaken for a moose (he hates it when this happens), Agent E sheds his dapper antlers once a year!

Agent FS

Agent FS (aka Flying Squirrel) is always prepared to gracefully glide between trees with stealthy ease. Agent FS is our dapper Ace who gathers TOP SECRET information from above quickly and efficiently.

Agent G

Agent G, a Californian, lives an active lifestyle in the West Coast waters of Cabrillo Beach. With her family, she often participates in Grunion Runs. She is our fastest FIeld Agent.

Agent GBH

Agent GBH prefers to sleuth near bodies of water, making him an excellent candidate for Sheldon Lake.

Agent GE

Agent GE wears white feathers well. She is one of our most finely feathered Field Agents. Her great-great, great (they were really great!), grandparents were highly prized for their plumes and were nearly wiped out! Tall and slender with a wide wingspan, Agent GE is adept at foraging just about anywhere, making her a resourceful Field Agent!

Agent GHO

This wise old bird is adaptable and can be "at home" at various locations, from deserts to wetlands.

Agent HB

There is a ton of buzz around this Field Agent. An incredibly hard worker, she is bee-coming an essential member of our team. She forages in the afternoon for pollen and precious intel on the National Mall Mission (unlike her competitor, the bumblebee, who goes to work in the morning).

Agent Irwin T. Otter

Agent Irwin T. Otter is considered an endangered species, so the Discovery Agency keeps a close eye on him. Commuting between Missions like no "otter", Irwin T. Otter is a top Field Agent.

Agent M

This dapper duck, sometimes referred to as "wild", is living the life. A frequent flyer, Agent M migrates annually to warmer temperatures. You will often see him waddling around, collecting pertinent intel.

Agent RF

Agent RF is a cunning creature with an uncanny ability to hear even the faintest of sounds from distances away. Agent RF is able to source out sound with acute accuracy. So although we may not hear what this fox says, we can rest assured that he hears us.

Agent RR

Agent RR (Road Runner) is renowned for his lightning speeds. He is often seen racing the arid expanses of deserts, unleashing his need for speed. Agent RR is primarily found in southern Missions and is known to prefer working alone.

Agent S

Agent S (Skunk) knows how to make an entrance. It is hard to miss this monochromatic, aromatic creature. Known to have an affinity for human garbage, Agent S will snack on just about anything making it easy for him to adapt to different Missions (but he likes Kenneth Hahn Park in particular).

Agent TG

Hailing from Toulouse, France, Agent TG loves the water and the finer things in life. Known for her sassy attitude and determination, she is the top "oiseau" at Echo Park Lake.

Agent Vincent C. Bear

Sometimes, Agent Vincent C. Bear only works seven months of the year, spending the other five in hibernation. However, when Vincent is an active Field Agent, he is a fantastic forager of information at Grassy Hollow.

Agent WT

Agent WT is the operative we call when we need to go microscopic. Comparative in size to the tip of a ballpoint pen, he prefers his Missions to be located in warm, humid climates. (Agent Tip: Agent WT is not the most friendly of Agents - watch Agent WT from a distance.)


As a mole, PAM is meticulous and attends to minute details with microscopic precision. Passionate about organization, exactitude, and of course personal administration, PAM is particularly precise when carrying out her daily activities.