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Some Challenge Writing Tips From the Experts

Agents of Discovery presents users with the unique opportunity to become game makers in minutes. The best part? Your game content can be as flexible as it needs to be. Users can go into the Mission Maker at any time to change their existing Challenges (or questions) and have it sync up with a change of season, event, or programming. Sure, the Missions you purchase come with a finite number of Challenges, but these Challenges are by no means static!

For all of you out there new to Agents of Discovery, or for those of you who are unfamiliar with the process of Mission making, this blog post is for you!

So – what is a Challenge anyway? A Challenge is one of several questions players will encounter as they play a Mission (or game). Your Mission is downloadable from the Agents of Discovery app, and is playable on location. As players move through your Mission, they will encounter Challenges, and these Challenges will teach them something relevant to where they were found.

Once you have added the framework of your Mission (such as the location, any safety information or welcome messages, and an avatar), it’s time to drop in the Challenges! Each individual Challenge is composed of the following:

    • Title – this is the name of your Challenge
    • Challenge Type – this will determine how your Challenge question is posed and solved
    • Challenge Location – this is the location on the map where your playerswill encounter your Challenge
    • Pre-Challenge Information – this will provide context for the coming question, and the accompanying image will support this information
    • Question – players should use their critical thinking skills in order to answer
    • Post-Challenge Information – this should reinforce what the player has just learned from the question, and this is often a call to action or concluding thought with an accompanying image

Whether creating your own Challenges from scratch or dropping them into your Mission from our Library, all Challenges will follow this same basic structure!

So, what are some tips for creating the perfect Challenge at your Mission site?

First, it’s important to consider all relevant background information. Who is the target audience? What is the purpose of your location? What is the main lesson you want players to take away from your Mission?

Next, you must consider the strategic placement of your Challenges. You want to place them in intuitive places – along a well-used trail, next to featured exhibits, or at rest areas that visitors frequent. If placing Challenges along a trail, we recommend adding about 20 Challenges that span a path roughly 1-1.5 miles in length. It’s also always a good idea to vary Challenge types in your Mission as much as possible to keep the game exciting!

Finally, we advise you take the following points into consideration when reviewing your Challenges:

  • Is the reading level appropriate for the target audience? In general, this means simple words and short sentences for kids.
  • Is it factually correct? If you have any mistakes, players will spot them!
  • Is it easy to read on a mobile device? Keep in mind that less is more when you have a small space for text. We recommend keeping each screen under 30 words.
  • Does the Challenge engage players? Use language that creates a positive tone.

So there you have it! Our customer success team is working round the clock to ensure you are happy and your Missions are successful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! And, of course, Happy Mission Making!