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Our Mission

The members of our Customer Success Team have put together this space to share their advice and experiences with all of our Mission-building partners. Here, you will find a treasure trove of information designed to not only increase your familiarity with the Mission Maker platform, but also to help enhance your visitors’ experiences with your Missions!

Mission Incentivization


Incentives for your players can include anything that encourages them to download and play your Mission all the way through. Making use of both real-world and in-game incentives is an extremely effective way to catch visitors’ attention and get them engaged in your content! We’ve put together some information for you about how you can…

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Diversifying Challenge Types


Setting up different kinds of Challenges is an easy way to make your Missions more fun and engaging for your players. Players appreciate diversity in their experience, and using a variety of Challenge types is a great way to keep them interested in your Mission! Check out these cool Challenge types that you can add…

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Publishing Controls


When using the Mission Maker (and especially when publishing Missions) it’s very important to understand the different publishing controls, especially the difference between previewing a Mission and publishing it. One of the most common technical obstacles our support team encounters is when a partner publishes a live Mission but can’t find it in the app.…

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