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Introducing Our New Website!

We’ve had a makeover! Check out our sparkling new website. Working with the awesome Hiilite team, we’ve brought our site into 2018 with a more contemporary look and feel, cleaner layout, and overall improved user experience. Most importantly, it’s now easier to find the information that’s important to you – no matter how you use Agents of Discovery.

What’s behind the new look? Any why now?

Our amazing team member Alexa oversaw the development of the new site. With her knack for design, Alexa knew our website needed a re-do with a clearer layout that reflected the changes Agents of Discovery has gone through as a company. “Agents of Discovery has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Our growth is evident in our company and in our technology,” she says. “It only seems fitting to have a website that mirrors our maturity.”

One of the biggest challenges was one of the coolest things about the Agents of Discovery mobile app: its versatility. Agents of Discovery can be used for any school subject, and at sites ranging from aquariums to zoos. With indoor Missions at world-class museums in urban centers, and outdoor Missions in the far reaches of Alaska, we’re proud of our broad reach and adaptability. But these same qualities can be challenging when it comes to telling our story to the world.

Alexa worked with Hiilite to identify our audiences and craft the message for each. Then they brainstormed to come up with a website design that collected all this information in a way that flows naturally and made it easy for each partner group to find what they needed to know.

“Consolidating our information and synthesizing the website experience took a lot of thought and preparation,” Alexa says. “I think we’ve come a long way and thanks to Hiilite’s direction and expertise, we’ve a website that meets all our needs. We’re excited to offer a resource to the public that is as dynamic as our platform.“

A key component of our new design is cleaner distinction between our three main partner groups: Schools, Parks, and Spaces and Places.

By entering through your own funnel, you’ll see information that is relevant to you. We’ve also updated the entire site’s content and resources to reflect everything that’s happened in the last few months. Take a look around, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

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