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Introducing the AR Picker Challenge!

Here at Agents of Discovery, we are always experimenting with cool new technologies. Sometimes, we even build them! That’s why we are so excited to announce the launch of a new Augmented Reality (AR) Challenge called AR Picker.

Hand holding a phone with the new AR Picker challenge type on screen

Let’s start with a quick walk-through of how it works:

1) This challenge type allows an educator to create a question with multiple answers to go with it. Educators are given the flexibility they need to create the content they want and, in the process, engage learners with AR technology.

2) Players are asked to answer the question by looking for answers moving around them in AR space.

3) Players proceed to have a lot of fun!

It is that simple! Mary Clark, our product evangelist, is especially excited:

“AR Picker is the latest and greatest of our ever-growing set of Challenges. We want to revolutionize education through providing premier augmented reality to our users, and this is the next step in that process. Everything is designed to be easy for educators to play. However, we aren’t done yet – there will be lots of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!”

In addition, we wanted to highlight that this product release also saw a number of very helpful improvements. For one, new download and loading tweaks should improve App and Mission loading time. We’ve also enhanced the resolution on our AR camera feed, removed manual Challenge scanning (Challenges now display when nearby), and restyled several parts of the Mission Maker.

We are constantly improving and optimizing our products, and we especially welcome ideas on how to make them even better! If you have any questions or thoughts, please never hesitate to reach out. We are available any time through our website, via phone (1-855-564-7328), or by email ([email protected]).

Thanks for reading!