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Introducing a brand new Challenge Type… The AR Sorter!

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The team at Agents of Discovery is proud to introduce the AR Sorter Challenge, a brand new Challenge Type that allows players to pick up and sort 3D Objects into Containers through augmented reality!

The player will see multiple objects in the play area, and multiple “Containers” which are named after different categories. The goal is to find and pick up the 3D objects, followed by placing each one into the Container of the category that best matches that object.

How It Works in the App

Take a look at the video above to see an AR Sorter Challenge in action!

To begin, look around for an open, flat space (roughly 8 x 8 feet). Move the camera around until the circle reticle on the ground is visible and glowing bluish-green.

When the play area is set, the objects and Containers will appear. You can move freely through the play area and carry objects from one location to another.

Tap the “i” next to the “grab button” to read clues on where to sort the item.

When the reticle is over top of an object, press and hold the Grab button to pick up the object and move around with it. Objects can be dropped onto the ground or into their corresponding Container by letting go of the Grab button.

Objects and Containers can also be given a short description which provides some context clues on where to sort them. Tap the “i” next to the “grab button” to read this info.

As you sort objects successfully, they will disappear upon contact with the container. Sort all the objects into the appropriate containers to complete the Challenge!

How It Works in the Mission Maker

Edit AR containers in the Mission Maker

Once you’ve designated the Challenge Type as an AR Sorter Challenge, you’ll see a section called “AR Containers” in between the Pre- and Post-Challenge sections.

choose a container and name it after a category
container selection

To start, you’ll need to choose a Container and name it after a category. Use the description section to provide some information about what sorts of objects should be sorted into that Container.

AR Sorter items for selection
items and containers in your collection

Below that, you can select the different objects the player will be sorting into the Container. You can add multiple Containers for each category and as many models as you would like to be sorted into each Container!


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Happy Mission Making!

The Agents of Discovery Customer Success Team