Key Tips for Promoting Your Mission


Field Agent Cutout

Players love to take photos with life-sized Field Agents as they accomplish Missions at locations like Hiawatha National Forest and Los Angeles Historic Park. In addition, they double as eye-catching signage. Take a look at the examples below!

Ready to order your custom cutout? Contact us for further inquiries.

On-site Signage

The Agents of Discovery team can design custom signage for you! Consider sizing and placement of signage. These should be placed in high-traffic areas where people will be able to see them! Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver, Canada has had great success with their outdoor signage pictured below!

  • Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park Cutout
  • Tacoma Nature Center Signage

Website Promotion

We would recommend dedicating a web page or section of your website to promoting your Agents of Discovery Mission. Cradle of Forestry in America’s web page is a great example of useful information Players might need to get started with your Mission. Some ideas for promotional content you can include on your website:

  • Your Field Agent
  • The Agents of Discovery logo
  • Location of your Mission site
  • Information about how to download the game and Mission.
  • Pursuit Banff Website
    Pursuit Banff Mission Webpage

Wifi Landing Page

LA WiFi Landing Page Promo

If you offer free visitor WiFi at your site, you can promote Agents of Discovery and your Mission on the WiFi landing page (thereby creating visibility for every visitor who logs-on to your WiFi). This has been a very successful approach with Los Angeles Parks and Forest Service sites in the U.S. through Oh Ranger WiFi.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful way to promote your Mission. You can easily encourage user engagement by creating your own hashtag and encouraging players to use #AoDiscovery and/or #WeAreAgentsofDiscovery.

If you would like, we can provide pre-written social media posts you can easily copy and paste to promote your Agents of Discovery Mission.

For further inquiries about social media promotion, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

  • NASA Goddard Visitor Center Tweet
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Tweet


  • Watkins Nature Center’s Mission rewards. Uno cards, stuffed animals, explorer sets and more!

Having a real world incentive for players to complete your Mission is a great value addition. Incentives can be something small or big – you can decide! See our Explorer Campaigns to earn prizes for completing Missions. Watkins Nature Center has an awesome display of rewards once Players complete their Mission!

Check out our Swag Store for ideas. Examples include:

  • Buttons
  • T-Shirts
  • Certificates
  • Water bottles

Knowledgeable Staff

It is very important that on-site staff are knowledgeable about your Mission. Staff should be able to:

    • Explain how to download the Agents of Discovery game via the App and Play stores.
    • Show users how to find and download your Mission.
    • Direct users to the location where they can collect their reward upon completing your Mission.

How do I increase awareness of my Missions?

We have curated a checklist of everything you need to attract attention to your Missions!
  • Staff at Columbia State Historic Park

Special Event Missions

  • End of Summer Blast Event Poster
    End of Summer Blast Event

Special event Missions are a fantastic way to promote your site and get the word out about your Missions. Missions can be created and scheduled for local events and celebrations (Independence Day, Earth Day, Canada Day, long weekend events, new exhibits/attractions, and more!).

The Challenge Library has thousands of ready-made seasonal Challenges that you can easily pick, place, and publish right to your Mission!

Promo Kit

What’s included?

Our Promo kit includes everything you need to get started in promoting your Missions. This kit includes logos, social media banners, taglines, poster, and flyer templates available in different sizes for download.

Logo Styles

Color Palette

Our official color conventions are available below (with hex codes for reference)



Use of white/yellow on dark backgrounds, black/yellow on light backgrounds

Font style: Trashhand

Font style: Impact regular

Promo Posters


Sizes 8.5×11, 11×17 or by request

Need help promoting your Explorer Campaign? Check out our curated Explorer Campaign Checklist!