Become a Maker of Missions

The Mission Maker

The Mission Maker gives you powerful tools to create, edit, and manage your own augmented reality mobile game, complete with your own content. These games (or “Missions”) are then instantly published to the Agents of Discovery app, and available for free from the App Store or Google Play . After publishing, you can evaluate player performance and the effectiveness of your Mission. It’s easier than you think!

You also have access to pre-packaged Challenges from our Library, content from the Encyclopedia of Life, and information from other authoritative sources.

Reward players for completing your Mission through both digital and real-world rewards.

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Why Agents of Discovery?

  • Create appealing virtual signage to avoid worn-out signs
  • Encourages healthy and active lifestyles through move to learn gaming
  • Receive valuable metrics on visitor engagement
  • Elevate your visitor experience with augmented reality interpretive games
  • Create fun, engaging content for people of all ages

Challenge Library

The Challenge Library allows you to view thousands of curated and user-generated Challenges -all of which can be quickly added to your Mission. Just pick the Challenges you want, place them on the map, and then click “Import and Publish Now” to create a Mission in minutes (don’t forget to publish your Mission as well)!

Within the Challenge Library, you can preview details about each Challenge, including questions, answers, and the Challenge type (AR Picker, Image 50/50, etc.), along with other contextual information about each Challenge. We’ve partnered with trusted sources (such as Harvard University’s Encyclopedia of Life for visual and audio media) to make it easy for you to bring your Mission content to life.

Spotlight on our Advisor

Dr. Philip L. Balcaen is a recently retired Professor Emeritus from the University of British Columbia. He was selected as the “Educator of the Year, 2016” award winner by the British Columbia Association of Deans of Education, acknowledging his 40 years of contributions. These contributions include 20 years in the BC public school system, where he taught secondary school mathematics and science education. This period involved participation in establishing and developing the award-winning self-paced education program at Thomas Haney Centre in Maple Ridge, BC. Dr. Balcaen joined Simon Fraser University’s teacher education program as a science education instructor in 1996, and eventually became a program coordinator.

After completing a PhD, he moved to Kelowna BC, where he was instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing the secondary science and mathematics programs at Okanagan University College and UBC’s Okanagan campus. In addition to his diverse research on international education, his published works focus on the specifics of embedding critical thinking pedagogy into curriculum from K-12, establishing effective e-learning communities of practice, and improving learning object design to support effective math and science education. He is currently working on the “how to” of re-designing educational apps to better address the broad education community’s focus on teaching for good thinking competency.

Dr. Philip Balcaen

Want to give it a try?

You can try it free for 14 days. Discover how simple creating your own Missions can be. We provide you with tutorials to make the process simple. You’re only steps away from creating the most engaging learning tool you have used to date.

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How To Play

Your Field Agent will be there every step of the way to guide you through each Mission and its Challenges. To find a Challenge, walk toward the direction of the arrows on the side(s) of your screen until you reach the gray Hidden Challenge Marker(s). When you get close enough, the Hidden Challenge Marker will change color and indicate the type of Challenge available. Then, simply tap on the revealed Challenge Marker and start playing the Challenge!

If you are playing an Image Recognition (IR) or Quick Response (QR) Code Mission, simply find an IR or QR image at the Mission site and tap the IR/QR Challenge Marker on the Mission Map to scan it and start playing.

For extra help, you can access information by clicking the ‘i’ in the top right corner of your screen. If you need some additional help, check out our support page or visit our contact page and send us a message.