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Mission Incentivization

Incentives for your players can include anything that encourages them to download and play your Mission all the way through. Making use of both real-world and in-game incentives is an extremely effective way to catch visitors’ attention and get them engaged in your content!

We’ve put together some information for you about how you can get the most out of your real-world rewards, and best practices around writing Challenges that keep your players interested in your Mission and motivated to complete them.

Real-World Incentives

You can provide real world prizes like badges, stickers, or wristbands as rewards for visitors who download or complete your Mission.

The easiest way to get more visitors started on your Mission is to provide a real-world incentive for players who show you that they have just downloaded it, even before they begin to play. It can be difficult to motivate guests who see the initial installation process as a chore (aka app fatigue) – rewarding them for taking this important first step toward playing your Mission is a great way to combat that!

Additionally, players are more likely to complete a whole Mission if they know that there is a reward waiting for them at the end. When they take something home that they can hold onto, it adds a special kind of magic to the experience! A great way to make your players aware of these prizes is to through a congratulatory message:

Real World Incentive Tacoma

We offer a wide selection of products that can be used to turn players’ heads and get them excited to play your Mission. You can even have your Field Agent and Mission name branded onto the products you order, which will personalize them for your location! To check out the cool incentives for your Mission, see our Swag Store below.

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In-Game Incentives

Pre-Challenge Info, when used correctly, is a perfect way to create excitement about your Mission with information about the Challenge itself. When used improperly, it can lead to gaps in the Mission narrative and cause players to lose interest. Below are examples of an ideal Pre-Challenge Info box vs. a less than ideal Pre Challenge Info box:


Ideal Pre-Challenge Info

Less than ideal:

In our experience, players get more excited about Challenges when they’re working towards part of a bigger story, and when there is an educational aspect!

Post-Challenge Info is just as important as Pre-Challenge Info — it tells players when they have completed the Challenge, and encourages them to complete other Challenges in the Mission. Like Pre-Challenge Info, there are ideal and less than ideal ways that it can be presented:



Less than ideal:

Including a congratulatory message is a critical part of your Post-Challenge Info box. This lets the player know that they have completed the challenge, and positively reinforces their success. It also provides a great opportunity to reinforce the player’s learning that enabled them to successfully answer the question – whether they realize it or not, this newly-learned information is part of their reward too!

Always be sure to include images when you can. They make your Mission look much more polished and engaging.

If you have additional questions regarding Mission Incentivization, please reach out directly to your Customer Success Representative or contact us at [email protected].