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Mission Maker Update Guide

Challenge and Challenge Library Selectors

Both the ‘My Challenges’ page and the ‘Challenge Library’ have a new, more robust system featuring powerful searching/filtering, integrated Challenge previewing, and Challenge review features.  

Here are the details:

  • Creating and importing a Challenge has been separated from the previous ‘Add a Challenge’ drop-down format into two appropriately labelled buttons (‘Create a Challenge’ and ‘Challenge Library’) located above the Challenge list on the My Challenges page.
  • Reviewing a Challenge has been combined into the ‘My Challenges’ page by way of the Publish/Unpublish buttons on each challenge and their previews. Content Creators will have the option to Submit or Cancel.
  • Approving a Challenge is done using the Publish button on the respective Challenge. Conversely, unpublishing a Challenge is done using the Unpublish button. Content Creators have access to Submit and Cancel buttons (which will either change a Challenge to ‘Awaiting Approval’ or back to ‘Draft’). A Challenge that is in the ‘Awaiting Approval’ state will offer Mission Managers Publish and Needs Edits buttons.
  • Previewing a Challenge only requires clicking the Challenge in the list. The Challenge will turn grey (indicating it has been selected and its contents will appear in the Preview section next to the list). The Preview section is now scrollable if the contents do not all fit within the window. There will be further updates coming to this Preview panel soon.
  • Challenge locations can now be quickly updated by clicking the ‘Change Location’ dropdown button in the ‘My Challenges’ selector or by clicking the ‘Location’ icon in the ‘Challenge Library’.

Editing Challenges

Question and answer editing has been integrated into the Edit Challenge page. This drastically reduces the amount of page navigation required to create and edit Challenges and allows you to see all of your Challenge content on one page. In addition, the Challenge edit page has been reorganized into sections – with each section having a distinct purpose. For example, the Pre-Challenge text and Pre-Challenge images have been grouped into the Pre-Challenge Info Section.

Here are the details:

  • Save buttons are split into two types: Save and Publish and Save As Draft. These buttons will allow you to save the Challenge and change/keep its status to ‘Approved’ or ‘Draft’ (respectively). Content Creators will have Save and Submit and Save As Draft available to them. Save As Draft will function the same way the previous ‘Save’, but Save and Submit will change and/or keep the status as ‘Awaiting Approval’.
  • Editing questions and answers has been moved into the Edit Challenge page:
    • Questions:
      • Questions can take different forms depending on the type of challenge selected. Changing the Challenge type will dynamically change the  question and answer display accordingly.
    • Answers:
      • Questions with multiple answers will include an ‘Add Answer’ or ‘Add Choice’ button to create new answers and choices (choices appear for 50/50 Challenge types).
      • Questions without multiple answers, such as Detective, provide the necessary fields by default. Other Challenges (such as Scavenger Hunt) use the same selectors and tables as before.
      • AR Catch Challenges now include a description and preview image for each AR Catch type.
  • Tag Editor UI update – The bulk of the ‘Tag Editor’ has been moved into a dialog window and takes up less space in the main page views (‘My Challenges’ and ‘Challenge Library’). You can now filter by tags by simply clicking the ‘+’ button located on the right of the tag input.

Media Selectors

  • The number of buttons displayed has been reduced and condensed for a cleaner look. Only the ‘Search EOL’ and ‘Choose File’ buttons will appear if there is no media chosen.
  • After uploading media to a selector, the available functions are now tucked away into a dropdown menu accessed by the media’s associated ‘ ’ (More Options) button (located next to the attribution). These functions include uploading or deleting a file, obtaining a new image from EOL, and editing the attribution.
  • The Media attribution display has been tucked away into a single-line Read-Only text field. This field is only ever as wide as the media object itself, including the ‘ ’ (‘More Options’) button next to it. By clicking and dragging inside the attribution field, you can select the text in this field and either copy it somewhere or read the full attribution. You may also use the ‘More Options’ button to see the inputs and values more clearly.

Edit Mission

  • The ‘Mission Thumbnail’ and ‘Mission Loading’ image fields have been updated to fit with the new media styling. Their order has also been reversed to better fit the order that these fields are seen in the Agents of Discovery app.