Mission Maker

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Become a M.A.K.E.R. Today

Make your own augmented reality (AR) game.

Access pre-packaged Challenges from our Library, content from the Encyclopedia of Life, and information from other authoritative sources.

Kids move to learn, practising 21st-century learning skills and actively engaging in material.

Evaluate player performances and the effectiveness of your Mission.

Reward players for completing your Missions through both digital and real-life awards.

The Mission Maker gives you powerful tools to create, edit, and manage your own mobile game, complete with your own content. Want to give it a try?

Mission Maker


“I think Agents of Discovery is a wonderful way to encourage children, especially with their families, to play together, spend quality time outdoors, and learn about our natural world. I believe that learning about nature and its resources plants an important seed for caring and conservation. "

Andrea Traganza

Rio Vista Park, Peoria, Arizona


“The Edmonton Valley Zoo is so excited to have our Mission up and running! Agents of Discovery is a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about the zoo in a fun and interactive way. Our hope is that this will encourage more people to get closer to the animals and find out about some of the zoo’s other initiatives."

Jasmine Spraakman

Education Program Manager, Edmonton Valley Zoo