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Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

Agents of Discovery connects youth to nature and their communities through engaging augmented reality experiences that heighten conservation awareness and increase visitor enjoyment of public spaces.

"The main reasons we decided to sign up for an Agents of Discovery mission was the ease of the mission maker, the interactive and intuitive app and that it fit within our budget."

"Agents of Discovery connects young people to their public lands. Conservation and stewardship remain as important as they were when the Forest Service was founded 110 years ago. We are helping to translate and deliver these values through games and technology, the language of kids today."

"Agents of Discovery is an amazing opportunity for youth of today to literally plug in to nature. It’s so great to see kids and their family out exploring the park together and sharing those outdoor experiences. Its moments like that which can help spark that first bit of excitement and appreciation towards the outdoors and get people moving toward becoming stewards of the land."

"I never thought our teens would like Agents of Discovery because it is targeted for younger kids, but they absolutely love it. They even get competitive with who gets to answer the questions."

Works without WiFi and cell reception!

Agents of Discovery is committed to ensuring you have fun on the go, regardless of your mobile connectivity. While still connected to WiFi, make sure to download our app for free from the App Store or Google Play, along with any of the Missions you wish to play. After downloading, you can head out on an adventure without having to worry about data usage or connectivity.

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