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Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

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Agents of Discovery encourages moving to learn while promoting overall wellness and instilling an appreciation of the world around us.

“The Edmonton Valley Zoo is so excited to have our mission site up and running! Agents of Discovery is a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about the zoo in a fun and interactive way. Our hope is that this will encourage more people to get closer to the animals and find out about some of the zoo's other initiatives.”
"We love working with the Agents of Discovery team because you guys are just as 'user friendly' as your app. What made us so sure we wanted the product, however, was simply that it is an excellent product for interpreting our site. It’s cutting edge, user friendly, and a great way to get the collection displayed digitally."
"Agents of Discovery is a fantastic way to connect with families and students who visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. At SF Maritime, we are always looking for innovative ways to engage audiences, and Agents of Discovery is a fun and interactive platform that combines education with exploration."

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Why Agents of Discovery?

  • Receive valuable metrics on your visitorship.
  • Creates a new way to entertain and educate visitors.
  • Introduces new revenue streams for corporate events or occasions.
  • Encourages healthy and active lifestyles through move to learn gaming.
  • Elevate your visitor experience with interactive, interpretive games.

Youth and families have a new form of exploration!

Agents of Discovery encourages real learning and engagement with places all over the world, enticing youth and their families to explore and learn through an augmented reality application.

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