Play the Game

Hey Kid! A little bird told me that you have what it takes to be a Secret Agent!

Don’t look so surprised! There is a secret network of animal Agents all around you. Some of us are really big and some of us are really small, but we all bring our own special skills.

We need super-smart Secret Agents to complete some Missions. But you can’t complete these Missions from your sofa; you are going to have to head out on a great adventure! It won’t be easy!

There is a whole hidden world out there at parks, museums, and schools. It can only be seen if you (or a parent) download the Agents of Discovery app!

Every good Agent needs high-quality gadgets. You will be no exception. We have a whole bunch of tools ready for you.

Do you need some more intel? Smart! It is important to be prepared. What can we help you with?

What's next?

Once you have the app downloaded, you can complete our Agent training camp. Training camp will make sure you are well prepared before you go into the field.

Once you have completed your training, find a Mission near you. Download the Mission and head out into the field. We will make sure that one of us is waiting there with Mission instructions. You will never be working alone!

Welcome aboard, Agent! Let's play!

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