Explorer Campaigns

The Explorer Campaign is an initiative implemented by Agents of Discovery across different regions of North America, where organizations have bound together with the common goal of getting youth outdoors, active, and exploring their cities, states, or provinces.

To play, kids become Secret Agents on a Mission to visit participating parks, museums, zoos, and cultural sites. With every Mission completed, kids earn exclusive digital and real-world rewards. The more Missions completed, the more rewards earned!

Look below to find the Explorer Campaign closest to you!

SoCal Explorer 2.0 Winners!

Background vector created by brgfx - www.freepik.com

1st Place

Agent Peacock representing LA Arboretum

2nd Place

Agent Wood Rat representing Eaton Canyon Nature Center

3rd Place

Agent Coyote representing Griffith Park


Honourable Mention

Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Winners of the Parks Make Life Better Campaign!

City of San Ramon Staff Champion poses with the 3rd place Nature Bag prize!

1st Place

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District

2nd Place

Town of Danville

3rd Place

City of San Ramon

Completing multiple Missions?

Earn a Secret Agent kit for completing multiple Missions! These kits are filled with fun nature items and activities that will help you master your new Secret Agent skills.

Puget Sound Explorer

July 1 – October 20, 2019

Become a Puget Sound Explorer!

Complete 3 Missions to become a Puget Sound Sockeye. Complete 6 Missions to become a Puget Sound Grizzly Bear. Complete 9 Missions to become a Puget Sound Orca.

Earn Rewards and Prizes!

Become a Puget Sound Orca and win one ticket to the Seattle Great Wheel plus a souvenir photo in the Great Wheel photo booth.


Looking to start an Explorer Campaign of your own?

D.C. Explorer 2.0 Campaign Launch


June 27th 2019


The D.C. Explorer 2.0 Campaign launched at USDA’s headquarters on June 27th, 2019. Dozens of enthusiastic youth played USDA’s Urban Forest Mission in the Gardens around the USDA building. Agents were excited to explore despite the D.C. heat! Afterward, the partners joined for a brief program and photo op at the Whitten Patio. See photos below.

Kristin Metropoulos, representing NASA Goddard Visitor Center with an Agent playing USDA’s Urban Forest Mission at USDA headquarters.

D.C. Explorer Campaign partners pose for a group photo at the Whitten Patio.

Agents of Discovery CEO Mary Clark playing the USDA’s Urban Forest Mission with Lillian, a D.C Explorer champion.

D.C. Explorer 2.0

June 27th – November 1, 2019

Become a DMV Explorer!

Complete three Missions on the National Mall to earn your National Mall Explorer badge. Complete 6 Missions to earn your D.C. Traveler badge. Complete 9 or more Missions to earn your DMV Explorer badge.


Pursuit Banff Gondola

Alberta Explorer Campaign

July 22, 2019


Calling all #AlbertaExplorers ! Pursuit Banff Gondola has launched their Banff Gondola Mission today! The Banff Gondola is an incredible place to #Explore, check out these Alberta Explorer Agents completing the Mission!

Photos by Ben Waugh courtesy of Pursuit

Alberta Explorer

June 10 – October 1, 2019

Become an Alberta Explorer!

Complete 3 Missions to earn your Alberta Traveler button. Complete 5 or more Missions to earn your Alberta Explorer button!

Earn Rewards and Prizes!

Win a free ticket to the Banff Gondola by completing the Alberta Traveler or Alberta Explorer levels!


#SoCalExplorer 2.0 Wrap Up Event


Saturday, August 10th 2019

Saturday the 10th of August marked the wrap up of our 9 month #SoCalExplorer 2.0 Campaign. Big thanks to the California State Parks PORTS program and LA State Historic Park for making this possible!


Photos courtesy of California State Parks

Agent earns his reward after playing a Mission at the LA Wrap Up Event!
Field Agent Ponivo Rio greets Secret Agents at the LA Wrap up event

SoCal Explorer 2.0

Become a SoCal Explorer!

Complete three Missions to earn your Explorer badge. Complete six or more Missions to become an Advanced Explorer. Complete twelve or more Missions to become a Super SoCal Explorer! The more Missions you complete, the more rewards* you will receive!

Earn Rewards and Prizes!

Win a free pass for two to Universal Studios Hollywood by completing the Advanced Explorer or Super SoCal Explorer levels!

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Alaska Explorer- Coming Soon, Spring 2020!

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