Explorer Campaigns

The Explorer Campaign is an initiative implemented by Agents of Discovery across three different North American cities, where organizations have bound together with the common goal of getting youth outdoors, active, and exploring their cities, states, or provinces.

To play, kids become Secret Agents on a Mission to visit participating parks, museums, zoos, and cultural sites. With every Agents of Discovery Mission completed, kids earn exclusive digital and real-world badges, stickers and prizes.

The more Missions completed, the more rewards earned. Complete all (or most) Missions and earn higher-tiered rewards!

Become a SoCal Explorer!

Complete three Missions to earn your Explorer badge. Complete six or more Missions to become an Advanced Explorer. Complete twelve or more Missions to become a Super SoCal Explorer! The more Missions you complete, the more rewards* you will receive!

Past Explorer Campaigns

D.C. Explorer

Looking to start an Explorer Campaign of your own?

Alberta Explorer

Upcoming Explorer Campaigns


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