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Agents of Discovery has created our official Promo Store to help you promote your Mission! With a selection of promotional products available for purchase, you can use these as rewards for reaching goals, completing Missions or Challenges, and more! Want to feature your Field Agent? All products available are fully customizable (baseball caps, backpacks, T-shirts and notebooks galore!).

Our Audience



Agents of Discovery connects youth to nature and their communities through engaging augmented reality experiences that heighten conservation awareness and increase visitor enjoyment of public spaces.


Places and Spaces


Agents of Discovery encourages real learning and engagement with places all over the world, enticing youth and their families to explore and learn through an augmented reality application.




Agents of Discovery empowers educators and youth from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to engage in the curriculum by providing a gaming environment that requires them to Move to Play & Learn.

How to Promote on Your Website

An important aspect to raise awareness of your Mission among visitors is making it recognized online. We have provided some examples of websites that have successfully promoted their Missions on their web pages below. To make it easier for you, check out our promotional website checklist as well as some key factors to make your promotion successful. Looking to promote Missions on social media? Check out our social media promotional section.

Cradle of Forestry America’s comprehensive page for visitors interested about Agents of Discovery and their dedicated Mission.

Informative Agents of Discovery web-page courtesy of Don River Valley Park and Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, Canada.

Agents of Discovery in the News

Promo Kit

What’s included?

Our Promo kit includes everything you need to get started in promoting your Missions. This kit includes logos, taglines, poster, and flyer templates available in different sizes for download.

Logo Styles

Color Palette

Our official color conventions are available below (with hex codes for reference)



Use of white/yellow on dark backgrounds, black/yellow on light backgrounds

Font style: Trashhand

Font style: Impact regular

Promo Posters


Sizes 8.5×11, 11×17 or by request

Need some tips to help you promote your Missions?

How do I increase awareness of my Missions?

We have curated a checklist of everything you need to attract attention to your Missions!

Promoting On-Site

Field Agent cut-outs to get the most out of your Mission!

Hiawatha Lighthouse cut-out
DC Booth Agent Wade Cut-out
Palm Springs Cutout

Social Media Examples

Looking for content inspiration? Check out these Instagram and Twitter examples!

Need images/banners for your webpage or social media?

Social Media Hashtags



Are you prepared for your Explorer Campaign? We have a curated checklist for that (#AlbertaExplorer)!