• The University of British Columbia conducted a formal third-party evaluation of Agents of Discovery led by Dr. Mark Holder.
  • The study took place in Calgary using three of Calgary’s eight Agents of Discovery Mission sites: Nose Hill Park, Ralph Klein Park, and Devonian Gardens.
  • 748 youth between the ages of 10-14 were randomly assigned to one of three groups and then taken through one of the three parks to learn about the location.
  • The three groups were a self-guided tour, an interpreter-led tour, or the Agents of Discovery app.
  • Surveys were administered before and after the tour, with the three educational methods compared against each other.
  • The study found that Agents of Discovery users had the most fun, and scored the highest on the post-tour test indicating that they learned the most of the three groups.


The study's full results can be found here.