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Agents of Discovery empowers educators to transform the whole world into an
engaging, active, and safe learning environment.

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Agents of Discovery makes learning fun. We empower you to create augmented reality games (“Missions”) that compel your users to become active and engaged.

Our Mission Maker enables you to quickly and easily design your own Missions to suit your location, curriculum, and educational goals. Getting learners moving and engaged has never been easier!

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"You make a fantastic product that engages kids in the outdoors. Love to see screens put to a positive and healthy use!"

"As a parent who loves to take her kiddos exploring, I appreciate the Agents of Discovery App so much! It can be a little intimating to explore new parks, but the app has been like a personal guide.  We not only have learned nature facts, but also historical facts for the different parks.  The GPS aspect of the app has kept us from getting lost and introduced us to areas of the park we may have skipped otherwise."

"Today I used the Agents of Discovery app. It was really fun and people were learning more than just sitting down and reading science books."

"Outdoor physical activity is vitally important for children and youth, and thanks to the Agents of Discovery app, young Angelenos can explore the park and use technology to engage with the natural environment."

"Agents of Discovery connects young people to their public lands. Conservation and stewardship remain as important as they were when the Forest Service was founded 110 years ago. We are helping to translate and deliver these values through games and technology, the language of kids today."