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Agents of Discovery Features

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The Mission Maker

Our intuitive Mission Maker allows you to create fun and fully customizable Missions (augmented reality educational games) that get your learners interacting and engaging with your content. The Mission Maker features many resources and tools which allow you to modify your content and link learning to your location.

Promotional Materials

Check out our collection of Field Agents! These fun avatars are the face of your Mission. You can customize any of our hundreds of existing Field Agents with accessories to make them your own, or create a brand new custom Agent for your location.

High-resolution Maps and Geofencing Tools

Customize your map and set precise boundaries around a location for your Mission. Set exact boundaries around your Challenges, enabling you to precisely link your Challenge content to the location. You can also include landmarks, trails, and any other feature you want to highlight.

Real Time Updates

Update your content through the Mission Maker and publish it instantly to the Agents of Discovery mobile App. Switch your Mission up on a regular basis to keep your content new and exciting for your users.

Play-on-site and Play-at-home Missions

Create a GPS Mission to immerse your visitors in the history and wonders of your location, OR set your Mission up with Image Recognition Triggers, which your players can scan to unlock Challenges! You can also set up a Visual Tour Mission that players at home can use to familiarize themselves with your site.

User and Game Statistics

Track your user statistics right from the Mission Maker including: total number of users, average monthly users, distance walked, player success, user distribution, player demographics and much more!

User Privileges

Control who manages and creates your content using the Mission Maker. Assign publishing rights to an individual of your choice. (You can have as many Content Creators as you wish).

Preview Mode

Activate “Preview Mode” to test your Missions with your team from anywhere in the world.

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The Library

The Challenge Library allows you to select from thousands of professionally curated Challenges that have been pre-made by other users and add them to your Mission.

Pick, Place and Publish

Adding Challenges from the library is as easy as picking a Challenge that you like, placing it on your Mission map, and publishing it so that it is instantly playable in your Mission!

Challenge Types

Choose from many different educational and fun Challenge types, several of which employ augmented reality, to engage your learners. The variety of challenge types available allow you to get creative in your Mission Making and provide a diverse range of experiences to your players.

Library Tags

Search through the commons collection to find thousands of Challenges, some user generated and some developed by our team of educational experts. All Challenges have been carefully curated and tagged by our team so they are easy to find and relevant to your search terms.

Seasonal Tags

Take advantage of curated seasonal Challenges that make it easy for you to create and update seasonally themed Missions! We have collections for dozens of themes, including Earth Day, Halloween, and many more.

Private Collections

Agencies and organizations with 20 Missions or more have access to their own branded Collection, accessible exclusively to all members of that team.

Unlimited Edits

Customize any Challenge – whether you created it from scratch or imported it from the library – to match your narrative and key messages.

Access Over 330 Million Digital Images

Our Creative Commons API provides you with access to over 330 million open source digital images and sound files to help you create high quality Challenges that precisely meet your requirements.

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The App

Download and play your Missions in real time on the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app has several of its own features that make exploring fun, easy and educational.


The Agents of Discovery App offers a Text-to-Speech feature which reads out all the text on screen audibly to players. When enabled from the in-app settings, the Text-to-Speech feature automatically starts reading out the text on screen during Missions.

Play to Win

The more Missions your guests play, the more rewards they should earn! Make use of various rewards across your collection of Missions to keep players coming back for more.

No Wi-Fi Required

Download Missions to play with or without Wi-Fi, indoors or outdoors!

Multiple Languages

Missions can be played in English, Spanish, or French, with options to provide your own copy for the different translations from the Mission Maker.


Agencies and organizations with 20 or more Missions are able to access our geofencing services, and enables you to display your agency’s branding on the front page of the Agents of Discovery app when it is opened by a user who is on site. This feature allows you to entirely customize your players experience.

Contrast and Color Accessibility

The interface is designed to be high-contrast so visual elements are distinct and easy to identify.

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Customer Support

Our Customer Support team is always happy to help you with any of your questions or requests! Among other things, your customer support representative can provide you with onboarding sessions, process artwork orders, and help create promotional materials for your Missions.

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Agents of DIscovery brings new ways to discover Duluth parks

Duluth Parks brings a safe way to engage their visitors while socially distancing. Get outside and learn about all Duluth Parks have to offer!

CBS4 Denver, Colorado

Agents of Discovery Aims To Increase Visitors, Participation At Colorado State Parks

Colorado Parks and Wildlife partners with Agents of Discovery to attract and encourage visitors in state parks across Colorado to get outside and learn about the world around them.
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Agents of Discovery COVID-19 Update

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has become increasingly important for us to maintain a connection to nature and the world around us in order to sustain our mental and physical wellbeing. 

We know that parents and educators are looking for ways to continue engaging their communities in safe and creative ways. Here are some ways you can get involved…

For Educators:
Partners of Agents of Discovery are encouraged to access the Challenge Library, which contains thousands of Challenges you can use to help create your Missions. It includes a new collection dedicated to COVID-19/Viruses that educators are finding particularly helpful.

For learners at home:
Stuck at home and can’t access a park? We have online Missions and Explorer Campaigns for your kids to enjoy in your backyard, in your house, or in an open park.

Visit Smokey Bear’s cabin virtually through the Smokey Bear Mission to learn all about wildfire safety.

Find out if any locations near you are hosting on-site Missions that you can access while safely social distancing. Always be sure to follow your local health and safety guidelines.

Free Conservation Education for Learners at Home

In cooperation with Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium and the USDA Forest Service, we have launched a campaign called Mission Conservation. New Missions are launching every month. Details can be seen here.

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Mission conservation partners

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"This summer families have been on their phones at Victoria Park. It’s not what you think though; visitors aren’t ignoring the park to check their social media feeds, instead they are using an app that gets ‘indoors’ kids outside. Agents of Discovery is a games app that combines smartphone technology with nature. For example families discover native bird calls, volcanic rock formations, identify plants and find out why there is a memorial for a dog. So far it’s proving very popular, we’ve had 1250 users and it’s likely to pick up more momentum as other Christchurch organisations come online."
"Agents of Discovery is a fantastic way to connect with families and students who visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. At SF Maritime, we are always looking for innovative ways to engage audiences, and Agents of Discovery is a fun and interactive platform that combines education with exploration."

"You make a fantastic product that engages kids in the outdoors. Love to see screens put to a positive and healthy use!"

"As a parent who loves to take her kiddos exploring, I appreciate the Agents of Discovery App so much! It can be a little intimating to explore new parks, but the app has been like a personal guide.  We not only have learned nature facts, but also historical facts for the different parks.  The GPS aspect of the app has kept us from getting lost and introduced us to areas of the park we may have skipped otherwise."

"Today I used the Agents of Discovery app. It was really fun and people were learning more than just sitting down and reading science books."