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Bay Area, Get Ready to #Explore Like Never Before!

Agents of Discovery launch party @ Los Angeles State Historic Park!

Posted by California State Parks PORTS Distance Learning Program on Saturday, August 10, 2019

SoCal Explorer 2.0 Celebration

LA State Historic Park Live Coverage!

For more information about this past event, check out our Explorer Campaign page. To keep updated on the fun, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Minecraft Earth

Summer 2019 beta release


Location-based AR gaming in public spaces is exploding! Minecraft developers Mojang announced they have launched their beta version of the new game Minecraft Earth. At Agents of Discovery, our goal is to help you create your own customizable, location-based games which are all about your locations and your messages. To learn more about the Agents of Discovery educational platform, sign up for a free webinar. For more info on the Minecraft Earth beta release, check out the Minecraft Earth trailer .

LA This Week on Agents of Discovery at the LA State Historic Park!

Saturday, August 10th 2019 marked the wrap up for our 9 month #SoCalExplorer Campaign. To celebrate, LA This Week followed our wrap-up event held at LA State Historic Park !

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Agents of Discovery (AoD) makes learning fun. We enable you to easily create your own augmented reality games (“Missions”) using our Mission Maker. We compel your users to become active and engaged in their environment.

Getting learners moving and excited to learn has never been easier!

45,000+ number of times AoD inspired kids and families to move to play and learn

200+ places to play AoD across North America, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia

265+ times AoD was featured in the media

July 13, 2019

Ford Theatre: Big World Fun “Nature in Your Backyard”


Our Agents being briefed at the Ford Theatre’s Big World Fun event in LA on their Mission to #discovertheunknown and explore the outdoors with Agents of Discovery at Whittier Narrows Nature Center !

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Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

“With Agents of Discovery, I’m able to get them motivated to get dressed and out the door to explore local parks to learn about wildlife, nature, and landmarks.”

Shea Curry, Shameless Mama Blog

L.A. Parent Announces SoCal Explorer 2.0 Campaign


"Agents of Discovery is a fantastic way to connect with families and students who visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. At SF Maritime, we are always looking for innovative ways to engage audiences, and Agents of Discovery is a fun and interactive platform that combines education with exploration."

"You make a fantastic product that engages kids in the outdoors. Love to see screens put to a positive and healthy use!"

"As a parent who loves to take her kiddos exploring, I appreciate the Agents of Discovery App so much! It can be a little intimating to explore new parks, but the app has been like a personal guide.  We not only have learned nature facts, but also historical facts for the different parks.  The GPS aspect of the app has kept us from getting lost and introduced us to areas of the park we may have skipped otherwise."

"Today I used the Agents of Discovery app. It was really fun and people were learning more than just sitting down and reading science books."

"Outdoor physical activity is vitally important for children and youth, and thanks to the Agents of Discovery app, young Angelenos can explore the park and use technology to engage with the natural environment."

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