A Guide to Image Recognition (IR) Technology

What is IR? IR stands for “Image Recognition”, and that’s exactly what it allows your phone camera to do – recognize images! In addition to GPS Missions, Agents of Discovery offers IR Trigger Missions. These use image recognition technology to unlock Challenges (instead of using your physical location). GPS Missions- players unlock Challenges by walking…

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Agents of Discovery Urgent Update

Dear Fellow Agents, The Agents of Discovery team extends our best wishes for your wellness in this uncertain and challenging time. The way we interact with each other is changing as we isolate and continue to practice necessary social distancing. Right now, we know that parents and educators are looking for ways to continue engaging…

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Updating Your Agents of Discovery App


The Agents of Discovery App and the Mission Maker platform receive constant updates from our development team to make them easier to use and to ensure that they are compatible with the ever-growing list of different phones and devices out there. While the newest version of the Mission Maker will automatically replace the old one,…

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Mission Incentivization


Incentives for your players can include anything that encourages them to download and play your Mission all the way through. Making use of both real-world and in-game incentives is an extremely effective way to catch visitors’ attention and get them engaged in your content! We’ve put together some information for you about how you can…

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