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Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games
Agents of Discovery | Best Educational Learning Games

Why Agents of Discovery?

  • Equips schools with a forward-thinking tool that appeals to the digital interests of their students.
  • Facilitates extra physical activity in a fun, engaging format.
  • Accommodates the delivery of dynamic learning through unlimited Mission changes.
  • Offers ‘at a glance’ analytics. For example, Challenge success rate is broken down by gender and age.

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Agents of Discovery gets students moving to learn.

"Agents of Discovery has brought the children's learning to life. We have used the App to create a historic trail for the local community to use. Creating the game has kept the children focused and engaged on their learning - finding out facts and generating questions in a fun and interactive way. I would thoroughly recommend using the Agents of Discovery App - it is simple to use, imaginative and inspiring."
"Creating a healthy competition amongst students to not only play the game but create the Challenges and put them into the Missions kept students engaged for weeks. Utilizing the game aspects, along with outdoor and active learning was a great way to engage students and others who tried out our Missions."
"It's been an amazing experience watching my students get excited about the curriculum and become species experts. Game-based learning is incredibly effective, and I'm glad we are using it as another one of our tools to educate kids."

Innovative education for kinesthetic, inquiry-based learning.

We provide educators the power to make their own augmented reality games (“Missions”). You’ll soon discover that making educational Missions is simple with our user-friendly platform. Our product is designed by teachers, for teachers – prioritizing creative, active lessons and the best tools for instantly tracking student progress.

Make The World Your Classroom

Educators know that many of today’s students struggle to sit still for long periods of time. The Agents of Discovery™ educational platform makes it possible for students to learn on the go. The result? Greater engagement, better retention, and happier and healthier students. Using technology they relate to, students can embrace a creative role in their own active learning.

Our online Mission Maker can help you see the results for yourself – instantly. We listened when educators told us they need at-a-glance analytics.

The Mission Maker also provides educators with powerful assessment tools. You can easily gauge student performance and adjust your classroom instruction based on the data the platform provides. Agents of Discovery puts the teacher into the role of an augmented reality game Maker.

Making your own augmented reality game (“Mission”) to support your classroom learning

Accessing curriculum-aligned Challenges from our library (OR creating your own)

Keeping students moving to learn in and out of the classroom

Evaluating student performance with easy-to-use data and analytics

Real world and virtual rewards to engage students

Challenge Library

Educators can save time and engage learners with the Agents of Discovery Challenge Library. Filled with ready-to-go Challenges, the Library makes it easy to build a Mission that meets specific learning needs.

You’ll find hundreds of ready-to-go, curriculum-aligned Challenges – all ready to drop into your Mission.

Created by educators, verified by world-class scientists, and tested with teachers, these ready-made augmented reality Challenges can be used for pre-assessment, formative or summative assessment – or simply to make learning active and fun.

We’ve also partnered with trusted sources (such as Harvard University’s Encyclopedia of Life for visual and audio media) that make it easy for you to bring your Challenge content to life.

“The Agents of Discovery Challenge Library gives teachers hundreds of ways to engage students in hands-on learning – when science is fun and relevant to their lives, both students and teachers benefit.

The Challenges align with the Next Generation Science Standards in a way that puts science concepts in the context of the real world.”

– Marie Studer, Ph.D., Learning and Education Director, Encyclopedia of Life, Harvard University

Good Thinking Through Inquiry:

Addressing Competencies Across the Curriculum


Agents of Discovery provides students with opportunities to engage in and develop competency in critical thinking and problem-solving; creative thinking and innovation; as well as collaborative teamwork and leadership. Based on the goals identified by most public and private education authorities across North America and around the world, Agents of Discovery has embedded good thinking activity into many of the ready-made challenges offered in the Challenge Library. When educators focus on the development of good thinking competence, educational authorities assert that students are more likely to understand and be able to apply knowledge and concepts, while also improving attitudes towards learning and student engagement.

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