The anatomy of a (great!) Challenge


Making a Mission is as easy as 1-2-3. Think of creating a Challenge in three parts: you have your appetizer (your Pre-Challenge information),  your main course (the Challenge) and your dessert (Post-Challenge information).  Before you dive into making your Challenges though, we recommend spending some time outlining what content you'd like to include and what Challenge types…

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AoD & Bad Elf: A Perfect Match


We are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with Bad Elf, the leader in GPS receivers, to give YOU, our partners, 30% off! That means if you have Agents of Discovery, but have tablets without GPS, Bad Elf’s got you covered. Or if you’re looking to become part of the AoD Family,…

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Introducing Our New Website!


We’ve had a makeover! Check out our sparkling new website. Working with the awesome Hiilite team, we’ve brought our site into 2018 with a more contemporary look and feel, cleaner layout, and overall improved user experience. Most importantly, it’s now easier to find the information that’s important to you - no matter how you use…

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Agents of Discovery at the Future of Education Technologies Conference


We had a great time at the 38th national Future of Education Technologies Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Florida. FETC is a gathering of education professionals from around the world, meeting to discuss and collaborate on innovative technology projects. A big highlight was participating in this year’s FETC “PitchFest,” a competition showcasing the most innovative tools…

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