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Agents of Discovery was featured by CNBC in an article on how to get kids outside!

Damage to on-site signage, demand for budget conscious engagement of visitors

Tacoma Nature Center, Washington, U.S.A.

A beautiful natural area nestled in the verdant Pacific Northwest, Tacoma Nature Center is part of the Seattle-Tacoma corridor in the northwestern United States


“It never fails that when you have a time you want to set up a program, people don’t show up…and show up at other times”.


Michele Cardinaux
Nature Center Supervisor
Tacoma Nature Center


Do you struggle with matching your programming to the times when people can actually show up?

Agents of Discovery is on whenever you want it on, meaning that you can set it to accommodate a range of different schedules and times!



Vandalism and Homelessness

There are challenges faced by an urban park. Vandalism, homelessness, and other such concerns mean that Tacoma Nature Center can’t always have a of of interpretive signage as a result. This app doesn’t get affected by that!


Concerns around damage to on-site signage and vandalism decrease with Agents of Discovery’s virtual offerings.












Low Cost

Tacoma Nature Center faces another challenge – Park admission is solely donation-based. The need for something free for guests to use is strong, as there is often a problem with people not wanting to incur costs on-site. Many people do not pick up a paper trail map because they are reluctant to come inside if they think there’s a fee. Agents of Discovery is a great alternative!









We can change it based on what we need to cover at a given time, and can update it as needed. We can also jump on current trends, and we don’t need to waste a lot of time.


Michele Cardinaux