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Agents of Discovery was featured by CNBC in an article on how to get kids outside!

Mission of the Month: City of Duluth Parks & Recreation

Agents of Discovery has expanded the ways our community can utilize and enjoy our park spaces. During times when meeting in-person was difficult, Agents of Discovery acted as not only an educational experience, but also a guide to those unfamiliar with a certain park, trail or natural space. 

With over 160 parks and 11,000 acres of green space, our 86,000 community members have A LOT of nature to enjoy! The ability to see a live map of the area in the app, be led to certain areas of interest or landmarks, and have interactive Challenges allows people to feel comfortable in a place even on their very first visit. We hope that Agents of Discovery has encouraged our community members to continue seeking out other new places to spend their outdoor time together!

Sam Werle

Recreation Specialist, City of Duluth Parks & Recreation

The City of Duluth Parks & Recreation has two amazing Missions that our Agents can play this fall. Explore them to learn about local history, native plant and animal species, and recreational opportunities in Duluth! These Missions are great opportunities to get families outside and learning together.

The Enger Park Adventure Mission helps visitors navigate one of Duluth’s most popular parks while learning about both the history of the location and also the plants and animals that now call Enger Park home. Whether people visit for the great views of Lake Superior, the beautiful flower and zen gardens, or to climb to the top of Enger Tower, Agents of Discovery helps park users learn about the world around them. Both first time visitors and locals are able to experience Enger Park in a new way!

The Enger Park Adventure Mission also helps create higher participation at other Mission sites, as Enger has more foot traffic than other parks and is centrally located. Many players, especially during COVID, have learned about Agents of Discovery at Enger Park, then continued on to play Missions at more secluded, less-busy parks and trails to continue their learning (and playing)!

Quarry Park is one of Duluth’s newest parks and provides a wide range of recreational opportunities, including an Agents of Discovery Mission called “Quarry Park – Rock Talk!” This hidden gem feels quite a bit different than a normal ‘green-space’ park. A formerly active quarry that provided gravel and crushed stone for a variety of projects in the Midwest, Quarry Park is a stark example of the impact humans can have on the natural landscape. The hollowed out quarry floor and wall are now traversed by hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as a disc golf course. The 100’ high quarry wall is also a popular ice-climbing destination for climbers from around the region.

The “Quarry Park – Rock Talk!” Mission teaches users about the fascinating geology found in Duluth (and the Lake Superior Basin), as well as other recreational opportunities that can be found in Quarry Park. This Mission was created to educate visitors on the natural history of the area, but also about ways in which people can continue to enjoy Quarry Park with their friends or family on future visits! Challenges include geology facts, like learning to spot the differences between local types of basalt and gabbro, as well as selecting the correct equipment to use for disc golf.

If you want to learn more about the City of Duluth Parks & Recreation Missions, please contact [email protected]. If you want to learn more about Agents of Discovery in the City of Duluth, contact [email protected].

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