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New and Improved AR!

This month’s update to the Mission Maker is going to be out-STAND-ing! We’ve been collecting all sorts of great feedback about our AR Sorter and Sequencer Challenges and are happy to share a new update that will make these Challenges look much more realistic, in the form of: Object Physics!

Some of you have noticed that the 3D objects in the AR Challenges – especially the animals – look a little awkward when they fall on the ground:

Trick or treat challenge option

Small observations like this over time have legitimately led to some very interesting questions and concerns from some players, such as:

“Uhhh, is that bear okay?”
“Do I need to return the elephant to the upright position and apologize before I sort it?”
“Hey, last time I checked, animals aren’t made out of 100% styrofoam…”

Please rest assured that the animals in our collection are made entirely out of data and code, and are totally okay with being picked up and put down. That being said, our advisory team asked us to address this and give it a bit more realism.

So from now on when you are making or editing AR Sorter and Sequencer Challenges, you’ll see a new drop-down menu for each object titled “Orientation”. This is right next to the Scale drop-down menu, which allows you to set custom sizes for your objects.

Trick or treat challenge option

You can set the orientation to “Always Standing”, which will ensure that if the object is dropped on the ground, it will immediately land on its feet and be standing upright. It’s a little tricky to convey in still images, but is much easier to see in action in the What Does Jay Say video.

Trick or treat challenge option

If you have still objects in your AR Challenges that do look more realistic when falling over, you can set the orientation to “Real Physics”, and those objects will continue to fall over just like they would before this update.

If you’re still relatively new to putting these kinds of Challenges together, we recommend taking a look at the following guides to help get you started! As always, our CS team is happy to demonstrate anything you’ve seen or have questions about.



As always, if you have any questions about Mission Making, please feel free to use our Website’s Live Chat, or reach out to our customer success team at:

Alternatively, give us a call at 1-855-564-7328 (ext. 212)!

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Happy Mission Making!

The Agents of Discovery Customer Success Team