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Agents of Discovery was featured by CNBC in an article on how to get kids outside!

AR You Ready For Spring?

The weather’s getting nicer, the temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is staying out longer, and the outdoors are calling!

If your location is open during Spring and receiving more and more visitors, now is the perfect time to put your promotional efforts in full swing and collect your remaining FREE stuff!

We recommend taking a moment to do the following:

  • Making sure your Mission and Challenge content is up to date
  • Ordering your free artwork pieces (Field Agent, Poster, Map, etc.)
  • Placing signage on-site and preparing rewards for players who finish the Mission(s)
  • Putting together promotional blasts and getting guests excited over social media
  • Letting people know you are OPEN and looking forward to engaging with guests!

Please keep in mind that all packages are eligible to receive some free additional items. Depending on your package, you’ll want to make sure you’ve received all the items below:

Free Field Agent

If you have a Silver package, you can claim an Enhanced Field Agent. This means that you can choose any Field Agent in the Mission Maker with “(Basic)” at the end of its name and specify up to three additional (custom) accessories that you would like our art team to add for you.

At the Gold and Federal Agency package levels, you can order a completely custom Field Agent which our team will design from scratch with as many accessories or pieces of clothing as you would like added.

We absolutely want to make sure that you and all our other eligible partners have a personalized Field Agent that represents your team and your brand. If you have not claimed your Field Agent, your Customer Success Representative will send occasional reminders to make sure that this is on your team’s radar.

Free Signage

All partners are eligible to receive free posters and signage, and it is absolutely one of our most recommended practices to make sure that signage is visible in all prominent public locations within your park or public space.

Our team is happy to provide posters for your Mission(s) which feature your chosen Field Agent alongside a background of your choice and any other visual elements you would like to see added. Each basic poster layout contains steps on how to download the app and Mission to your device and start playing, and also contains a flowcode (QR) at the bottom of the poster which guests can scan to jump right to the App or Play store.

Below are some examples of what a regular poster looks like with no added specifications.

If you would like to include additional info or layout elements, just let us know! To the right is a sample poster for the Tacoma Nature Center, which has four Missions that are rotated each season. They have clearly listed their unique Missions, the duration of each, and the corresponding badge that guests can win as a prize for completing each Mission.


Again, free signage is included in ALL packages and you MUST be promoting actively in order to get your users excited, especially while social distancing is in effect. Our team has been diligently monitoring the relationship between promotional efforts and user numbers during the pandemic and we heavily recommend taking a look at the following documents to better understand this correlation:

Paid Signage

In addition to free posters, you can also order Cutouts at $350 each. Cutouts are an amazing way to engage with your visitors from a distance and cover the gap left by staffing shortages or park closures. Below are examples of partners who have utilized Cutouts at their public spaces:

If you are interested in ordering a Cutout, please contact your Customer Success Representative. We are happy to print and ship cutouts to all North American partners. If you are located outside North America, we will help you with the design but you will need to get your cutout produced locally.

Free Map

If you have a Silver package, you can claim an Enhanced Map for your Mission Site. An Enhanced Map will be a version of the Google Satellite Image of your area which also highlights features such as walking trails in a bright color and provides signs for any noteworthy landmarks. Below is a great example of an Enhanced Map:

At the Gold level, you receive a Custom Map which is made from scratch and can be illustrated using specific style choices made by your team. Custom Maps are a great resource especially for Missions that take place indoors or beneath dense foliage that would otherwise not be visible on the default Satellite Map. Here is an example of a Custom Map that we created for an indoor Trigger Mission:

How to Order

Please reach out to your Customer Success Representative to ask about any remaining promotional pieces! We will act as a liaison between you and the art team and  provide you with proofs, which your team can review and make revisions to as needed. Your pieces will not be finalized until your team is fully happy with them.

Please note that our services do not include the printing and distribution of your signage, but we are happy to make updates at a later date in the case of any changes to your logo or branding standards that your artwork would need to be made to reflect.



As always, if you have any questions about Mission Making, please feel free to use our Website’s Live Chat, or reach out to our customer success team at:

Alternatively, give us a call at 1-855-564-7328 (ext. 212)!

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to join the Mission Makers Facebook Group where you can connect with other Mission Makers around the world to share content, ideas, and methods for sharing your Missions!

Happy Mission Making!

The Agents of Discovery Customer Success Team